The 9 animal phyla

**All members of the animal kingdom are eukaryotic, have cells with nuclei and organells, are either invertebrates or vertebrates, multicellular and get energy by consuming other organisms**
1. Porifera                   6. mollusca           
2. Cnidarians                7. arthropods
3. Nematoda                 8. echiodermata
4. Platyhelminthes         9. chordata
5. annelids 

emperor penguins

1. its a vertebrate
2. phyla: chordata
3. scientific name: Aptenodytes forsteri
4. lives in antartica on packed ice
5. eats squids, fish and crustaceans
6. has 2 webbed feet to walk on, it waddles, and flipper arms for it to swim 
7. the females lay the egg in the middle of the antartic winters and the male takes care of it while the females go out to see to get food (don't build nests just keep the egg on top of its feet). durring this time, the males huddle together to stay warm and protect the eggs till they hatch.
8. the largest of all penguin species.  the emperor penguin has a black head, chin, and throat, with yellow patches on each side of its head.
9. can live from 22-25 years
10. cant fly