WHAT is archaea bacteria?

1. cell walls don't include peptidoglycan; instead are made of unusual lipids
2. some make their own food; most eat other organisms to get nutrition 
3. older than eubacteria 
4. closer related to eukaryotes than eubacteria
5. live in extreme environments
6. bacteria that are part of the archaea domain 
7. include methane forming, salt loving, and heat loving bacteria 
8. single cell; no nucleus

sweet info

1. found in hot springs, salty lakes, thermal vents in the ocean, mud in marshes and muds around volcanoes 
2. use a chemical trick to be able to make ATP using a non-photosynthetic process
3. they are not able to get carbon from carbon dioxide like plants can to make food
4. weren't recognized as real until 1977 when Carl Woese did an experiment involving RNA 
5. one of the 1st places they were discovered was at Yellowstone national park
6. can withstand 200+ atmospheric pressure
7. 1/10 to 15 micrometers in size
8. archaea comes from the Greek word for "old"
9. were living about 3.5 billion years ago making them the oldest on earth
10. humans barely know about this species and majority of people don't know they exist
11. move using flagella, pili, and cilia
12. reproduce through bianary fission