WHat is eubacteria?

1. bacteria that are part of the Bacteria domain
2. some make their own food but most get it from other creatures
3. they are the largest species; more of them in your body than people in the world
4. have cell walls made of peptidoglycan setting them apart from archaea bacteria
5.  gram-staining is used to determine how much of the cell wall is made of peptidoglycan 
6. many different types such as e.coli, algae, and Streptococci 
7. single cell; no nucleus

Cool facts

1. also know as "true bacteria"
2. through photosynthesis, they can add oxygen to the atmosphere
3. some cause health problems like strep throat and food poisoning 
4. some are good and are found in yogurt, wine and cheese
5. can help clean up water and oil spills
6. extremely small
7. their chemical make up is different than all other organisms
8. they are very fast movers using there flagella and cilia and pili
9. can reproduce in  as quick as 20 minutes through binary fission
10. about 5000 species have been recognized